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Hi everyone, so in the uk everyone and I mean everyone tapes like this... or at least with this system but maybe in slightly different orders depending on the person but in a nut shell...

1.Mesh tape the flat
2.1st coat flats with 60 minute quick set filler
2.flex or bead the windows (your choice) with 60 minute filler
3. 2nd coat flats with 10inch (unless you're a hand taper obvs)
4. Put on internals with bazooka, roller and either angle head or flusher (up to you)
5. Then final coat everything when it's dry
6. Sand

We only use one type of mud, I know a lot of you in the US and Canada seem to use different kinds of mud for different things but that's unheard of over here in the uk

We usually use either bags of quick sand british gypsum, arrow, tubs of knuf, tubs of British gypsum, or another brand that I can't think of the name.

But we will pick one brand of aims or the brand that the site you are working on requires (usually british gypsum) and use that right the way through the taping process....

We never have any cracks but that might be because most houses in the uk are traditional build so it's usual block work with the odd stud wall here and there... and the block work will have boards stuck to it for us to tape on most cases (dot and dabbed).

Anyway I was just curious why you lot (us and canda) don't use mesh tape for flats... it's a lot quicker, you can do a relatively big house on your own in 3 days (not sanded as well obvs) or if there is two of you then you can get it taped up in 2 days.

Also it doesn't make sense to me that you would use mesh to fix cracks but not for general taping? A crack is a week point and if you think paper tape is stronger why would you not use paper tape on a crack instead of mesh tape?

The paper tape on flat joints just seems like a lot of extra faff to me.... so just curious on your reasons for loving paper tape so much.
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