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Was this drywall job done correctly?

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I hired a very drywall contractor to install drywall (purple board) in my bathroom and now I have a lot of concerns about the job and would like to get input from others on if this job is OK or not.

1. Seams everywhere and none are flush (1/8 - 1/4” off in some spots) and some have big gaps (up to 1/2” in a couple of spots). Is this what pros do and they will just add thick mud to even it out?
For the life of me, I don’t understand why they didn’t use full sheets to cover the walls so I would have no seams at all. And if you have a seam, why not put it at the top where not as noticeable?

2. I told them they could loosen more or remove the electrical outlets and switches (some were in just so we had light and power to work) to get the drywall in. Instead, they made a mess around the boxes and I check to see if the switches will cover over the gaps but they will not. Is this a normal thing for a drywall contractor to do? And how is it fixed?

3. The face paper was ripped off in 5 or 6 spots. I thought the paper was extremely important and couldn’t be damaged? How is this addressed to make sure the drywall is not compromised? This is in a bathroom and some of the torn paper is on the ceiling directly above the tub shower.

4. The corner beads are not straight and there are a lot of dents in the drywall. Again, I wonder how do they fix it to make it nice without thick mud? Is it OK to have mud that is up to 1/2” thick? We had a handyman do some drywall in a room a number of years ago and he did it along and there were no dents, no bad seams, nothing. So, I wanted to get the input from other pros on this job.


PS including some pictures of a few spots so you can see and more in the comments because the max allowed is 10 pictures in the post.

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looks kinda hack to me also. that being said. dont expect nice boxes if the freekin plugs are already in them. lmao absolutely no reason for that. i dont understand the 4" strips unless its over 8ft. also scratch my head about the half seam half but areas. again unless its over 8ft. must be a reason for the shimed corner bead? on the fence about the staples. i always use nails but those staples look pretty secure. i also dont like how he did corners od bead. i cut long on top and snip tab to bend down that vertical bead covers and rests on to keep corners tight.

i agree that you should have qc from company come and look. lot of times they dont know whats actually going on out there.
what? no bead out of wack? lol look again! the one bead looks like they left the board hang out over the other corner board. if i went to bid that job id assume the homeowner did it and would turn it down. (no offence meant to OP) most likely nails and screws sticking out and loose boards, from my years experience. i have seen entire basements hung with scraps from dumpsters by homeowners. they try to use screws in corners and they bust up the rock when handling it. then when you laugh they say what? lol most just dont understand the nuances of the trade is all.

also from my experience, it not good to have commercial drywallers in any home setting. yes, go ahead and yell at me for that i dont care. lol i have worked in both settings and residential gets way better mud jobs. cant say about your codes but nobody hangs vertical in homes around here either. you dont hear "level whatever" much around here. a good finish job should be good enough unless its getting high gloss dark red paint or something like that. other than that a good finishers job should be just fine.

have you brought other finishers in to bid it and give you opinions? how about some pics of the bath from distance instead of just closeups of hacked spots. that would give a better image of the entire hang job. few hack spots are normal but an entire job of hacks and small pieces shows inexperience.

when this is over for you i would tell him about this site, so he can see others opinions of his type of quality. lol over the years i have seen this play out many times. i feel for you but its good lesson just the same.
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screws in corner bead is a no no. they are to agressive and it tweaks bead out of true. thats why they used clinchers in commercial steel studs. IMO
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