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Vertical seams giving me issues....Need advice

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This particular problem has been plaguing me all winter, and honestly anywhere I'm finishing vertically laid drywall.

After my initial tape coat. I'm applying first coat of mud with 8 inch knife. Then the second coat with a ten. And then either finishing third coat with a 12 or a 10 again. My finished product has a dip in it Uniformly from floor to ceiling. I have attempted to go back over with an 8 inch knife and it doesn't seem to remedy this. This doesnt happen on my horizontal seams. I hope someone has some advice on this.

Thank you
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The joints need to be made flat. When you put a straight edge across the joints they need to be flat to the straight edge. If they are not flat, you need to apply enough compound in the right places, in a smooth and professional way, to make them flat.
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