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Question on Magic Corner Install

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Hey guys I’m hoping someone with experience can enlighten me on installing Magic Corner on my vaulted ceiling. I recently removed my popcorn ceiling and pulled out the out tape (which was cracked the whole length ) out of the peak of the ceiling. I’m looking to replace it with the Magic Corner bead. I’m planning on skimming the old joint where the paper tape was and letting it dry. Then after a light sanding to make sure the joint is smooth and even, throw a coat of primer on the mud to make sure the adhesive sticks. I will then spray the adhesive along the joint, set the MC bead and staple it. After that finish like a normal bead. Does this sound right? I’m also assuming I don’t need to try to pack mud into the small gap at the peak where the sheets meet because it’s maybe an 1/8” wide at most and the MC’s rubbery bead will be covering that gap anyway. Just wanted to get some advice before I tackle it. I’ve also saw people mentioning mud set MC. This sounds appealing if I don’t need to use adhesive/staples..Thanks for any advice! Here’s a pic of the peak, I haven’t done any sanding yet as I just got done removing the popcorn.


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Never heard of magic corner, just follow directions to a T. Good luck
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