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New Here. Hoping to learn!

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Hello! I'm hoping to get insight and advice for drywall. Amateur DIY'er here hoping to remove wallpaper from my kitchen, then texture walls to match the flow of the living room next to it. The walls in my living room are in great shape so I really don't want to redo the whole living room to match the flow of the kitchen BUT there is a chair rail border of wallpaper that I want to remove and of course the drywall is smooth under that wallpaper border. This is the reason I want to try to match. We are about to start home remodeling and I would like to do as much as I possibly can to save a bit of money plus I love to learn. Any help or advice as to how to get started?
Thank you all in advance!


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that is skip trowel. super easy to do if you do a couple things.

mind you all i can see is picture. can be other details that youll need to know. is there sand in it? is it fastset or regular mud?..................
anyhow, thin mud down some(regular mud by look of it) . take mud from the pan at shallow angle to the pan side, with 12" knife. you only want a thin layer on the blade. lightly touch surface with mud as gentile as u can and let it pull off how it wants as you move over surface. medium speed knife strokes are better than very slow. practice on scrap board youll get it.

if its too thick on wall, try less mud on blade or thin mud more.

link here--> google skip trowel texture
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