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So I was able to use my 14" super flex today and WOW what a sweet precision tool. It pulls so nice great for finishing beads and flats. I think Im going to need a 16" to use on finishing butts. The trowel is very maneuverable around plugs etc. Not sure I like the width 4.3" I am used to a 5" curry and when woking adjacent joints 5" is enough to keep from hitting my knuckles in finish work. 4.3 I have to change grip and use a lot of finger strength to get in there.
I also used the nela hawk and like the grip but my magnesium is lighter and just feels better so I stole the cork grip off the Nela and put it on the mag.
I do worry about the super flex thickness of the steel Im hoping it will last. My curry trowels I have to grind flat every 3 or 4 months so we'll see how they stand up to some serious footage
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