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Hey guys,
My name is Madii, and I own a Marketing Agency that specializes in DryWall Contracting.

I'm particularly interested in diving deeper into this field because my Dad has worked drywall jobs for over 40+ years and it is his whole life. And, according to the Department of Commerce, Construction and Contracting businesses has the highest failure rate, up to 96%!!!


Yea the obvious reasons for extreme overhead and labor costs.
But besides the obvious, I really feel like the low marketing efforts in this field have SOMETHING to do with that percentage.

I want to really get to the bottom of this and I really need your guy's help!

1. Do you have a solid Social Media presence?
2. Do you have a strong website?
3. Do you typically acquire bidders from word of mouth/referrals or through paid advertising?
4. Do you think your bids would be more accepted if you have a strong Internet presence?

Guys, this is not a pitch, just a girl asking for some data to work with! Anything helps!

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