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Hi all,

I'm not an expert but I have some experience and I've joined the crew at a site in west texas. the framing and hanging of drywall was problematic from the beginning. Walls had quite a bit of rippling apprently but I never saw the original work. Another crew was hired from out of town to remedy the mistakes with a level 5 finish. Instead of removing sheetrock they decided to fill all the recessed waves in the sheetrock with mud...on ceiling and on walls. Apparently it looks better than it originally did but I never saw original. I did capture these pics right around sunset with that brutal light coming from west. Please comment on the quality of this work. In my experience a level 5 finish isn't contingent upon the time of day the light comes in. Am I correct in saying this? The same crew did the paint job too which I also find unbelievably amateur hour for the amount of money they were paid. This is a 3000sq.ft. space with 16' ceilings. Thanks in advance.
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Is that primed or just sanded?
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