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What would typical drywall returns look like? Looking at other homes and commercial buildings that I have looked at they typically are square with the wall (at a 90 degree angle). Our drywaller just finished up, and during the process and before they started we stressed the desire to have the window drywall returns square and straight. The framing around the window was shimmed to within 1/16" of an inch and was plumb and square to the window. But after the drywall was finished we see about 3/8 or more difference from the corner bead to the window drywall receiver. Note this runout of the drywall allows the window latch to drag on the drywall, if your not careful when operating the latches...
Wood Grey Floor Flooring Material property

Here you can see the about 3/8", this will make it difficult to install the window sills (unless we use a lot of painters caulk, which the plan was to use no painters caulk)..
Shade Wood Composite material Rectangle Tints and shades

Wood Gesture Finger Beam Hardwood

Here is what the drywall looked like before tape and mud, note they put extra 1/8" shims behind the drywall...
Fixture Wood Flooring Floor Material property

They did get one jamb right, this is what we asked for...
Blue Wood Shade Flooring Building

Is this a normal or typical window drywall return? I know it was not what we asked for, but trying to determine if we asked for more than can be delivered.

Thank you,
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