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Painting a wall is extremely easy only if you follow the right steps. You just need the right tools like cellulose sponge, dishwashing liquid, tape, primer, paint, paint tray, paint roller, ladder, and paintbrush.
Once you have assembled the essentials you need to follow these steps.
  • Clean the walls using the cellulose sponge and water solution mixed with the mild dishwashing liquid.
  • Use tape as a trim-line. It must be a blue painter’s tape, if it covers the drywall anchors, if unremovable, then even so cover them in case you don’t want to paint over them.
  • Pour the primer into the paint tray just enough at the ridges.
  • Now use the angled brush, coat the bristles and begin brushing with the outer edge of the tip then move towards the center
  • Use a paint roller in “w” shape in one go. Keep doing it until the wall is covered in paint.
  • Peel off the tape while the wall is still wet.
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