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Cricket, This is my last employers website.


All foreman who had big projects had laptops and connected into a server at the office. My last job I would go online and download drawings, spec's, or even manufacturers installation instructions. Some of the construction industry has gone digital. They have BIM modeling where the job is built 3D prior to construction to possibly foresee any conflicts. People would attend meeting through conference calls and computer interface. I would leave my house by 4am and get done with my paper work by 5pm and step away from my computer. These added hours brought good benefits.

I have my own personal website for my EFI Tuning I do. When my son was about 15 he got me started writing my own HTML. The digital age has arrived and I see these guys posting from smart phones. I only use my smart phone for calling, Email and text. I have a few apps and zero music. When I get serious I sit at my desk with my I-7 8 gigs of ram and a digital hard drive. Watch video's in one window while chatting on DrywallTalk in another.

I'll add this. You haven't lived until you've worked from your laptop while in Cabo San Lucas, BCS Mexico.
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