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I am finishing an attic and have 2 sloped walls to hang. The framing is not great and would be very difficult to get both sheets to land on 1 stud (2x6) without cutting polygons on all sheets. So i have thought of 2 solutions and would like some opinions on how to proceed.

I could land the seam to fall in between the studs and use some plywood or 1x3 as a backer. The shet would be fastned to the stud 8" away.

Option 2 could be attacked a 2x4 stud on the side of the 2x6 wall stud to create a extra wide surface to attach on to and thus being able to keep the drywall straight and would have enough room to land the seam over 3" width material.

I am using standard 4x8 sheets 1/2" lightweight. Fastening with standard drywall screws. the wall slope is 45 degrees. The wall in insulated and sealed with vapor barrier.

Thoughts? Advice?

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If you dont mind the hassle and cost just buy a bunch of furring strip board and screw/nail the furring boards onto the junky frame horizontally


It'll look like that I guess, I don't have any pictures of examples but just frame all the sides 鈻 so there's a place to screw the edges of the drywall into. I've done that in older homes with bad framing before.
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