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DESPERATE! Need help with drywall mistake!

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I apologize for the long post, but I will be so very thankful for everyone (experienced AND/OR who has done something similar) who can take a few minutes or of their day to read it and reply! I'm panicking, stressed, and in desperate need of help and advice (or reassurance, but only if that's the case and your HONEST opinion)!

My husband and I are remodeling our house and doing all the work ourselves. We are NOT professionals. Many (many) years ago, my husband worked a little with drywall but doesn't remember much about it. Before we started, I watched a ton of videos and researched what I could about just about everything and I'm usually really good about educating myself so I can minimize/eliminate mistakes like this one, but this time I missed something!

We have all the drywall up and taped/muded and are currently waiting for it to dry (it's been about 2 days on the first half, which was done really thick; and about a day on the second half, which is much thinner). The problem...

He wanted to use mesh tape and I apparently didn't realize mesh tape was supposed to be put directly on the drywall! (The first day I was sitting there looking at the tape and wondering why it was sticky on one side. At that point, I should've realized I had something wrong, especially since I kept thinking "how stupid; it's not going to stick to wet mud," but I obviously did not. Now I feel extremely stupid!)

For all of our joints we put down mud, then immediately put down (mesh) tape, and then covered it with mud. So far, I don't see any bubbles or cracks or anything like that but because I just realized it was supposed to be put directly on the drywall, I'm worried that once we start sanding them we're going to have to take off all the tape and start over or possibly even have to buy all new drywall and REALLY have to start over!

I haven't been able to find much about this (or what would happen if it's done like this) except that when someone does mud before using mesh tape, they let it dry first (which is NOT what we did and therefore, is no help). I'm REALLY hoping that those with experience (or anyone who has done the same thing) can tell me what's going to happen...if it's going to be fine, if we need to start over, if there's something else we need to do, how bad I messed up (or if it's not as big of a deal as I'm thinking it will be), etc.

Our budget is very small so we cannot afford huge mistakes like this. I'm am looking for all thoughts, opinions, advice, and anything else anyone has to offer. I only ask that you be honest, straight, and blunt, but in a nice way (please). Like I said, I know I messed up and I'm kicking myself for it so I have that part of your comment covered; trust me! I haven't told my husband yet (because I'm so afraid I messed up more than I realize and we aren't going to have the money to fix it) and I hate not telling him everything so keeping this from him is making me so much more stressed and panicked. Please, please help me!!!
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I wouldn’t mess with it at all. People saying you need to dig the mesh out are insane. No it’s not ideal. But you’re going to create more problems by trying to go backwards at this point. Mesh tape works fine with all compounds. Paper tape cannot be used with setting types tho because it has no glue added. You can always use caulking on those angles if they ever crack. Good luck you’re doing a great job and don’t stress it’s just drywall.
Low dust compound is the weakest compound ive worked with, cant see this holding up for a year. Just my take.
if i lived in your area, i would show you how easy it would be to remove the mesh. if the mesh measures 2" or so inches wide, after removal, simply trim regular paper tape to 1-3/4", or so, and reapply... dampen, scrape, remove, retape, should take no more than 15 minutes per sheet.
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