3WAY - The first one piece inside drywall corner. Improve your Quality, save on labor, and your time.
3 way corners (Ceiling meeting 2 walls) are done traditionally with 3 tapes overlapped. There are lots of problems with the old method and here are a few to think about: Inconsistent angles (lower quality), high skill sculpting (higher labor costs), more sanding and dry time (more time consuming).
Here are some of the features of 3Way that give you an advantage over traditional drywall corner finishing methods:
•Install in just a fraction of the time
•Adjustable 90° corner angle (for framing that is just not quite right!)
•Reinforced backing to cover gaps and drywall board defects
•Bevelled edges to blend into
tapes and drywall
•Perforated edges to ensure bonding to drywall with mud to avoid those pesky call backs for touch ups!