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Remodeling house before move in, in about 5 weeks before baby comes. Really need to finish the drywall repair/patching this weekend to stay on schedule to prime and paint next weekend before flooring goes in.

Have a bit of everything to do on Previously painted walls, but not at a real large scale:
  • 30-40x 3-5" square patches from electrical work
  • 6-7x corner beads that have deteriorated
  • 4-8x taping joints from a wall removal
  • Tons of nail pops
  • Etc
Biggest question:
  • Can i tape/corner/patch 1st & 2nd coat with 100% 90 minute mud?
My plan:
  • Saturday - 2 coats of 90 min mud on all the tape/corners/patches
  • Sunday - finishing coat with lightweight all purpose
  • Next Sat - sand, prime
  • Next sun - sand, 2 coats paint

My skill set:
  • Spent a summer in high school on paint crew, so pretty comfortable but been ~15 years since held a hawk and dont rememer the mud types we used.
Some pics of what dealing with




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yes but no more than you got there, i would use 20min. and do it in a day. also patch those strips in with half inch rock(with couple more backers in there) so its under surface height. easier to hide that way.
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