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    Do any of you veterans(15 years or more) have a video of you doing some level 5 finishing ? How about you moore ? I want to see one from you ! Please. I'm heading out on a fly-in about 9 days from now and am going to attempt my first level 5 ever, by request. I'll be doing it alone so I'm...
  2. Drywall Finishing
    Sent from my iPod This is one of our new guys.He has used the box 3 times now . Once with small box and this was his second time with 10". Pretty tuff garage considering all the sht in the way:censored:. Hes not the fastest but is on the right path:thumbsup:. I show a real rough edge to show you...
  3. Off Topic (Non Trade)
    Would like to see vids of members and there tube runnin skills. Ive seen some fast tapin in my time but perhaps someone on this site is faster??? C mon big dogs lets see it Real time ,closets and all:thumbsup:
  4. Drywall Finishing
    Sent from my iPod Short vid of Partner And I stringin some tape. Sorry no radio... the guy runnin camera wasnt even filming the first rooms near radio. Will try again tomorrow doin angles. Be easy on me it was quittin time and the mud was a lil thick:whistling2: