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  1. Drywall Texturing
    Hello I am selling my drywall texture machines i have one that is a big spray king texture machine which has a new engine and over 200 feet of hosing starts right up as well. Used to use this machines to do townhouses and other big jobs. Also have a small spray king machine that is also working...
  2. Drywall Finishing
    Trying to blend texture on a ceiling patch. Not sure what texture this is. Bought a crows foot roller and it didn't match at all.
  3. Drywall Texturing
    This is the ceiling ^^ This is the wall^ I recently moved down from Idaho and am doing typical handyman work. Entire homes are done this way so I’m guessing it’s done with a hopper, I just need to match it for large flood repairs. How would y’all do it?
  4. Drywall Texturing
    I need small texture sprayer for mostly small job not sure which one is good for that. The problem is i have to match texture in my job and i need really good sprayer where i can adjust things to match existing ceilings. So i am just interesting if someone can suggest me what brand to buy and...
  5. Drywall Texturing
    Was wondering if someone could give me the lowdown on the stomp/knockdown texture. i.e. mud consistancy ect.
  6. Drywall Texturing
    What are the common drywall textures around your area? I'm really new to textures, and I'm just limited to the ones that the company I work for applies. I've also look around the internet but with little success. Here we apply knock down. And I have noticed that there is different types...
1-6 of 6 Results