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  1. Drywall Finishing
    Im in a different part of my state and the debate is/ opinion is all purpose can be used as a base coat over tape coat because it dries so hard, what your opinions?
  2. Drywall Finishing
    Is there any product that will withstand freezing and thawing weather? We are looking to buy a victorian summer home on Lake Erie Islands and none of the homes have heat. Everyone winterizes them before winter. Plaster was removed in some of the rooms and drywalled. Seams did not do well. Any...
  3. Drywall Finishing
    Has anyone used tape tech in corner finisher and what works better 3 inch slandered finisher or 3 inch easy roll finisher any help would be great full
  4. General Drywall Discussion
    Good grief had to go tape out a garage today it was so windy and cold almost froze my kahunas off. Not to mention my guy didn't thin up the mud enough for me:furious: About the 7th run across the ceiling the tape let loose and feel, more than likely the wind whipping through the garage no...
  5. Drywall Finishing
    I am thinking about going back to old school on my next job with paper tape and doing opposite inside corners :yes: old school but I will still use my auto bango and 3'' flusher for my tapecoat
  6. Drywall Finishing
    Just wondering how many of you wussies wear gloves to tape?
  7. Drywall Finishing
    Hello, I'm more of a painter but my fiance and I just bought our first house together and someone just threw up all new drywall in the house and didn't finish it. I'm attaching a pic of one of my problems and hope someone can help. In this pic I taped a seem in the ceiling. I used a layer of all...
  8. Drywall Finishing
    Hi, I am helping out my wife's company at the moment and have no real background in drywalling. But, with the help of this forum I have managed to get inspired and buy a full set of Columbia tools for her guys. Training is underway, but we have a way to go. We are about to start a job...
  9. Drywall Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    Holy chit, the Kiwi's might of been right about something:blink: Finally got to play with some today, and as my title suggest, is it a game changer. 2bjr won't shut up about it, he taped out a large garage with it today, then coated over the flats right away. He's in love with it already. I'm...
  10. General Drywall Discussion
    using my Ames bazooka (yes dont ask how i got this legend rental bazooka) gonna run base coat through it, the bazooka is in good conditiion, what should i expect...
  11. Drywall Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    Not the way to start with my first purchase from TP. Right out of the box :mad: Other than this cracked cone, it looks like a nice tool. I'll have to wait to find out though.
  12. Drywall Finishing
    I dont want to get anyone mad:furious: but I have a question I get calls to come look at jods that tape is falling off the ceilings. I cut the tape and it pulls off so very easy and if there is a butt it will pull it off too. when the tape gets close to the inside corner I need to cut it or...
  13. Drywall Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    I seen a box of it in the store so gave it a go in a bathroom and toilet in the corners, Nice tape, Makes a sharp corner quickly. Good for smaller jobs or bad corners, On the box it says for areas where paper and mesh tapes have failed, Its just a thinner type of straight flex, Just another good...
  14. Drywall Finishing
    for years i used usg sheetrock tape and now we have been getting a cheaper deal on pro form tape but for some reason the tape has a lot of drag to it when you tube out a room and go to wipe it it stretches horribly ive asked others and they say the same problem Does anyone else use pro form...
  15. General Drywall Discussion
    Dealing with a flooded 2 story home.:( House flooded from second floor bathroom. Dryout started the day of the flood by service master. they brought in 20 or so high velocity fans and 4 industrial dehumidifyers. the dryout lasted 4 full days. Fans and dehumidifyers running 24/7. Its now...
  16. Drywall Finishing
    2bjr wanted me to post this vid, since someone commented on the youtube page, about how he advances the tape on the zook. They were telling him to use the wall to advance it. 2bjr always feeds his tape forward by hand, maybe 5% of the time using the wall. He has picked up his own little tricks...
  17. Drywall Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    Has anybody used a 4" angle head for smooth walls, and if so what do you think of them? I've had a cheap 3.5" and hated it, thinking of buying either a tapetech 3.5 or a tapeworm 4.
  18. Drywall Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    I have a set of older tapetech boxes that I am trying to rejuvenate, I replaced the crown spring, blades and skids. When you look down the blade it is already past flat (crowned the wrong way) do I need to replace the blade holder or have I just installed something wrong. Any help would be nice
  19. Drywall Finishing
    If you notice, the comments have been disabled on the vid.:whistling2:
1-20 of 20 Results