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  1. Drywall Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    Has anybody come across these before? http://www.paintspraytools.co.uk/Paint_Spray_Equipment-Airless_Paint_Sprayers-Q-Tech/c197_198_247/index.html (Not affiliated with this website, just saw they had the range that I am looking at) The Q-P036 is marketed as being a Mark V competitor, was...
  2. Drywall Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    <P>I have a question on a Xlent Equipment Pumpall Sprayer.I need someone who has seen one or used one. My question is about the discharge pipe.<BR>Is there supposed to be a rubber lining in the discharge pipe?<BR>The reason I ask is because I have one and there is some sort of material in the...
  3. General Drywall Discussion
    Ok so now I am buying a paint machine for the first time and I want sOme feed back on what to buy for the price. The only two I would buy would be graco or Titan. Reason is that my supplier sells them both. I have run the graco 395 many times and really liked it. I was told the Titan 440 is...
  4. Drywall Texturing
    Anybody have any tips for me? My graco RTX 900 sprayer does not seem to have enough pressure and is not as fast as hopper. Could it be my mud mixture.Have tried very thin,thick,medium,doesn't seem to make difference.
  5. General Drywall Discussion
    i need to rent a sprayer that i can spray popcorn texture with and then switch over to paint. i don't know much about the capabilities of different sprayers but i have a large enough room that it will be worth my while to rent a sprayer for my patch and then spray the ceiling after. can you guys...
  6. Drywall Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    This machine was upgraded with the split tanks and Quincy qt-10 Pump and 33hp Diesel motor. It also has dual lines on it. I guess you could say with all the bells and whistles. My boss bought it to turn it in to a seal coat machine but I talked him out of it. The motor has 308 Hours on it and it...
1-6 of 6 Results