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  1. Drywall Finishing
    I do this all the time, but I figured out a little trick. Have your pole sander leaned up against a wall, and if you drop your sponge, grab your sander and put the paper side on the floor beside your sponge, nudge your sponge the back of the sander and balance it up, its quite easy to do it.:)
  2. Drywall Texturing
    Hey guys, I came up with this a few years ago let me know what you think. lol don't be to nasty. http://youtu.be/81wlUCSO_Ew
  3. Drywall Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    Just finish sanding today and i tried the a2 sponge with dual angle and let me tell you that is the BEST sponge i ever try . It was easy in tight corner , no mark at all and very durable . I try the webb sponge ( very crappy , the worst ) norton , trim tex and none of them do the same finish as...
  4. Drywall Finishing
    Just curiouse what others think about using sanding sponges to sand drywall as opposed to sanding screen attached to a handle. advantages and disadvantages?
1-4 of 4 Results