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  1. Workplace Safety
    After 40 years of telling workers to step down on the ladder I came up with this. www.safetysuper.com It works and it's inexpensive. It also keeps your shins from rubbing on the step it blocks. I'm always looking for comments, so if you check it out and have some thoughts about it please...
  2. Workplace Safety
    Just wondering if anybody does anything special to ensure job site safety? I just expect my guys to not do anything I do :yes: Do what I say, not what I do!
  3. General Drywall Discussion
    This is a picture of Machinemud, who gave me permission to use it. I could never do that in a million years, I'm a wee bit afraid of heights,,,,, well,,,, ok,,,,,,,, I'm a chicken sh1t of them:whistling2: If I'm near a wall, I'm sorta ok,like in a stairwell, till I get out in the wide open...
  4. Workplace Safety
    I am in the process of generating a safety plan for my drywall business to lower my workmans comp rate and I was wondering if any of you guys had any experience in doing this or could offer any suggestions in the process of doing this. I have a very small crew of about 3 to 4 guys and we do...
  5. Workplace Safety
    I usually supply a case of safety glasses, hearing protection, hardhats and harnesses(if needed) on every job. I tell the guys they MUST use hard hats and eye protection. Work shoes/boots are a given. I give 1 warning for infractions on any of these rules, after that, they're gone.
  6. Workplace Safety
    I have been told today that I can not use a plank and ladders to work in high staircases and is a safety hazard. The safety act and regulations has nothing in regards to this issue unless I have over looked something. Has anyone else been up against this isssue and what did you do to resolve it?
1-6 of 6 Results