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    Im a drywall finisher we been working or companies for the longest, i feel like i can do the same for me and my crew. I see boss mans that speak a little bit of english but are still the man on top gettin the jobs and callin the shots. I hear that they get the job project from online. I would...
  2. Site Help and Suggestions
    How do I post photos in the projects section? I have the photos in "Photobucket" copied the "img" code but won't let me post the photos, wants to go to my computer, which they're not on.
  3. General Drywall Discussion
    Hey Guys, Help me test out some of these new features. If anyone has some pictures of a job they have done please post them using this system and tell me how it goes: http://www.drywalltalk.com/projects/new Thanks :thumbsup: