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  1. General Drywall Discussion
    i dont know about the rest of the world but in new zealand, generally chinese or indians often price cut, i gave a quote out for a plastering job with alot of detail straight flex, cornice, arch beads, negitive details and all sorts, my quote ended up being NZD $34200. The other chinese team...
  2. General Drywall Discussion
    I'm living is Mass right now. My wife and I are relocating to NC, probably the Charlotte area. at the minute I work for myself as a plasterer. Mostly skim coat over blue board - sometimes entire houses but mostly additions, bathrooms, basements etc. as you may know, it's mostly smooth veneer...
  3. Plaster Forum
    With the work i am involved in i have to turn my hand to all of the trades to a point. And plastering is one i am having more to do with seemingly on every project. So i was wondering how long or how much people had to do befor they could skim a wall in with reasonable time and finish?
1-3 of 3 Results