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  1. General Drywall Discussion
    Hello everyone, im looking for more information regarding the plaster on these pictures. Any idea on how is this technique called or any video/instructions on how is it made? Tried to google it with bo success. Thank you! I appreciate your help a lot!
  2. Plaster Forum
    I'm a drywall finisher and would like to get into plaster. Does anyone have info on the spray plaster products I have seen on the internet. Any info would be great. Thank you.
  3. Drywall Texturing
  4. Plaster Forum
    Our factory is professional in making plaster board profile in China for over 19 yeas. Someone here who need it can contact us freely.:thumbup: Shenzhen Excel Building Products Co., LTD. www.cnebp.com
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hello all~ Just wanting to say hi. I'm still getting the feel of Drywall Talk. Any tips and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you to B. Mitchell for the pointing me to drywall talk. I'd like to begin by stating I'm a drywall finisher tried and true. I was an apprentice up in...
  6. Plaster Forum
    What is the best way to fix a crack that runs up the wall? Can I use Paper Tape and drywall mud then feather it out??? Needs some advice on this please.:confused1:
  7. Plaster Forum
    The h/o's of the house I've been refinishing can't make up their minds about this wall going down into their basement. It's plaster over block and it's textured. If I could repair the plaster and match the texture they'd be happy enough with it. BUT I've never worked with plaster and... has...
  8. Drywall Finishing
    I have seen drywallers finish plaster board with drywall compound. But i do have a job coming up and that is what i have to do. Its not a very big job. What is your opinion doing that and what is maybe a tip to help me out? Or something i need to watch for when doing it? or maybe i shouldnt take...
  9. Plaster Forum
    I'm trying to repair walls in an old Victorian home. They were covered in ratty old wallpaper which I've scrapped off. Afterwards I fill the cracks with Durabond mixed with glue and paper tape (can't find fibafuze anywhere for miles). Now I'm on the second room and there is a ton of damage I...
  10. Plaster Forum
    I have a job to repair veneer plaster corners. The plaster has integral color and is polished. Some of the chips are an eighth of an inch deep , non are very big. the initial work was done with diamond 2 coat veneer plaster.any tips. David
  11. Drywall Texturing
    I'm working on a 1938 home with lathe and plaster as the walls. Really great work and finish for 1938 plaster. I had to take out some dry-rot and now I did a build up of the full 2x4's and lathe along with my base coat of sand-plaster. But whats got me stuck is this top-coat texture pattern I...
  12. Plaster Forum
    I'm rennovating an old Victorian house and have just scraped off wallpaper in one of the rooms. The walls are plaster and there are some cracks some hairline and some an inch wide with a few places that open up to about the size of a mouse pad. Also a couple of the corners had crumbled and are...
  13. Drywall Finishing
    I am fixing a plaster ceiling Im just going to hang new rock right over the top of the plaster screwing into the joists. Im just wondering if anyone has done this before and has any tips. I want to make sure its all done right.
  14. General Drywall Discussion
    Just wondering what the average sq. ft. price for skim coating plaster walls smooth. Minnesota area.
  15. Drywall Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    Gentlemen, We will be launching 18 new drywall and plastering tools in the next year. The products are great and we want to get some feedback so we know how to better address our marketing campaign before we hit the streets. We will send a new tool to you to test for 30 days. Then we will...
1-15 of 15 Results