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  1. Drywall Finishing
    Bought a mudrunner new about 8 months ago. Haven’t used it a ton, but I’m now doing a larger home job that I planned to use it. My corners are rolled and glazed, time to run my corners. I go to pump it up today and the piston won’t hold. I pump it full, and it pistons the mud right out like the...
  2. Drywall Finishing
    Pick up 1 mudrunner and a 3.5 easy roll corner tried it for maybe 2 hrs today oy ya it works wasent sure what combo to use, so went with 2bucks system using smaller flusher first 2.5 can am then finshing with bigger adj I used the 3.5 on the mud/r I was very impress with Cazna...
  3. Drywall Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    I am an angle box user and looking to upgrade to a mudrunner.Seen few videos and looked for specs but apart of that I never hold one or know someone who has got one. Anyone out there who's used both of these tools and can give some reviews on them ( which one is better, easier and faster to...
  4. Drywall Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    Does anyone use the mudrunner with the compound applicator tips I usually use the cornerbox .just thinking about other ways
  5. Drywall Finishing
    I have an exstension handle (2 ft) for a mudrunner. I was cleaning out the garage and thought bout throwing it away, but since it coast $60.00,,, I figured I'd just offer it here to anyone that wants it and is willing to pay the shipping. its in "like new" shape and workes good for anyone with...
  6. Drywall Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    Think it can be fixed?:eek::censored: at least it's a rental, but I don't think Ames is gonna be happy!
  7. Drywall Finishing
    i am new to tools and am learnign the angle box.. why is it skipping to where i have to run over it 3 or 4 times? and ive oiled the rubber but it seems i have to push the life out of it, and my mud is soupy.. can anyone help me?
  8. Drywall Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    It's the coolest thing I've tried for finishing corners, but I'm out of mud work for a while so I'm selling off "luxury" tools. I had just enough time with it to perfect my technique. Here it is, one super clean TapeTech MudRunner for auction. Hopefully nobody will buy it. :rolleyes:
1-8 of 9 Results