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  1. Drywall Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    thinking of switching from the 2WD to the 4WD on the Can-Am inside applicators. Any thoughts or advice? :huh:
  2. Drywall Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    I got to try out my new outside 90 mud head (which was an advanced in a Columbia box) and Columbia bead roller on friday and holy c:censored:p that was money well spent. I was able to do six 8' stand ups with the mud head on my angle box and had them rolled and wiped in about a third of the...
  3. Drywall Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    Not sure how many of you are into mudheads, If your not then your missing out, They really are one of the best and simple drywall tools. Here is my stash, They are the standard heads, Two tapepros and two can ams. The tapepros are a little different but i quite like them, Nice head for external...
  4. Drywall Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    Has any one tried or had any experience with the BTE 4" applicator head. And is the same size ball as the Tapetech mudrunner? (most angle heads fit the runner). Thanks for any input.
  5. Drywall Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    seen no thread on this so,and off early today so..... just me (answer from sanding thread) "I tried the Cam-Am applicator for bead installs, using a Can-Am tube. Not much luck with those applicators, either, although when I stripped it down some it worked better. Still have to try the new...
1-5 of 5 Results