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  1. Drywall Finishing
    What is the best brand of flat boxes? Does anyone have an opinion on the power assist flat boxes?
  2. Drywall Finishing
    Hi! Can anyone tell me which brands are the best, specially in what respects to 1) box capacity 2) Not needing much mantainance and replacing parts 3) Not inflated price (Does this exists???) :thumbup: PS Have to shipp them to South Americas southest country.. too far:yes: PS2 What do you...
  3. Drywall Finishing
    Hi! Can anyone tell me how does a flat box works? Is it a must to buy box + handle?? Why I'm asking? I'm in Southest country in South America -Argentina, tango´s and soccer land- and is not only impossible to find drywall tools like banjos, flat boxes, but also really expensive (7x or 8x) and...
  4. Drywall Finishing
    Hi guys. Long time lerker here. I mud one habitat house a year and now is the time. I have been on a quest since last year this time to get more productive on my mud jobs. Last year I bought a banjo and a corner flusher to speed up my taping. It helped a lot but the banjo got heavy since I...
  5. Drywall Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    Thinking about buying some boxes. Would like to hear from guys who have used power assist and regular. Pros and cons please. Thanks! love the forum guys!
  6. Drywall Finishing
    I only ask this now because this is the second time this has occured on two different boxes. They sit for awhile and when I go to use them they put out way too much mud. Even on "5," but the weird part is after running a few seams they seem to start working "normal" again. Has anyone else...
  7. Drywall Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    might be getting into finishing again possible work ahead. Anyway i've only ever finished with trowels, etc. looking into boxes and such like a drywall master kit from allwall. Question is not having knowledge of these is this something quick to learn to use and adjustment sounds rough to do...
  8. Drywall Finishing
    Do any of you trace or wipe the mud behind the boxes? The first drywall guy that I worked for insisted that everything had to be wiped down behind the boxes. The person running the box was expected to run as fast as he could. The poor guy wiping also got a pretty good workout as well. The...
  9. Drywall Finishing
    was wondering what size boxes everyone runs 8 and 10 or 10 and 12 whats the best combo
  10. General Drywall Discussion
    i was just wondering if northstar box parts were compatible with other brands. i saw a good deal on some but it is only a good deal if they are compatible. otherwise their usefulness to me might be short lived. thanks.
  11. Drywall Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    i was using the 10 inches flat box today and more mud was coming brom behind the box then the front could it be that the rubber seal of the back cover door is damage?
  12. Drywall Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    hey community, i've just purchased my first set of boxes (tapeTech easyClean 10" & 12") and have no experience using them (or boxes). i've used them for a week now, fresh out of the box, but am having trouble getting consistent results. The fist day, i 2nd coated with the 10" without adjusting...
  13. Drywall Finishing
    just bought a 12 inch columbia box. I s there anybody out there that only uses a 12 inch columbia and what settings do you use for your flats
  14. Drywall Finishing
    I know this thread has been talked about before what do you guys think of the high-top boxes other than holding more mud and what manufacture do you prefer ? I have a set of northstar don't much care to push the extra mud. Usually just have the pneumatic pump handy so it's not like running back...
  15. Drywall Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    Hey guys, I have been using BTE flushers and they have been working fine, but now want to get something for the flats and butts. I can only afford to get one thing at a time so I was thinking of a Blueline 10" box and handle. I was looking at Blueline because they adverstise that it can be...
  16. Drywall Finishing
    We hang and finish drywall with our remodeling business and I have some corner tools and taping tools, but I want to buy a flat box. Looking for suggestions about the one to purchase.... We go in spurts doing drywall, some months quite a bit and some months maybe 20 sheets. It's not our full...
  17. Drywall Finishing
    HAs anyone tried these goldblatt boxes, are they good? they are the cheapest so far..
  18. Drywall Finishing
    How often do you change your blades on your boxes? For me it has been 1.5 years, I think it is time for new blades and shoes
  19. Drywall Finishing
    Hey fellas just wondering on the northstar boxes what settings you use on good flat joints, Ive found that #3 w/ 12" on the 2nd coat is to crowned, so im thinking #2 w/ 10" & #2 w/ 12" followed by a skim(#1 w/ 12"). What do ya think?
1-19 of 19 Results