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  1. Drywall Texturing
    Hello I am selling my drywall texture machines i have one that is a big spray king texture machine which has a new engine and over 200 feet of hosing starts right up as well. Used to use this machines to do townhouses and other big jobs. Also have a small spray king machine that is also working...
  2. Drywall Texturing
    This is my ceiling. A couple weeks ago that big section fell, randomly, in one piece. Now, more is pulling away from the ceiling. What do I do? Is there a way to seal around the edges?
  3. Drywall Texturing
    Hello! Need some help here. This is the rec room in my basement which has a very unique specialty finish which looks very nice.... Please view my gallery of what I am trying to re-create: http://www.briandalziel.com/gallery/index.html I am going to do some remodeling (adding a Bar Booth)...
1-3 of 3 Results