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  1. Drywall Finishing
    I have been finishing for 10 years. My dad bought me a set of Hyde stainless knifes for my first set. 6, 8,10,12. The main knifes I use. We have Various specialty 1,2,3,4, and so on. I liked the stainless but of course I didnt no any different. Then when the sheet rock matrix knifes came out I...
  2. Hanging Drywall
    What do you guys think? im mixed on the screw gun technology, compared to hand, Dewalt for corded and Hilti for the cordless
  3. Drywall Finishing
    Hi! Can anyone tell me which brands are the best, specially in what respects to 1) box capacity 2) Not needing much mantainance and replacing parts 3) Not inflated price (Does this exists???) :thumbup: PS Have to shipp them to South Americas southest country.. too far:yes: PS2 What do you...
1-3 of 3 Results