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  1. Drywall Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    I bought the columbia auto taper and used it a couple times now. Watched a bunch of video's, including 2buck's to minimize the learning curve, happy with it so far, hopefully 2 or 3 more houses and i'll be half as good as some these guys. So I brought it home to clean and (hopefully i can...
  2. Drywall Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    hey guys, i,m new to the forum and this is my first post/question. Looking onto auto taping tools and want to know what to purchase for corners ,start to finish. I have a cheao homax banjo comming and i know i need a corner roller (metal one with wheels) After that im confused when it comes...
  3. Drywall Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    anyone know how many miles an auto taper gets? or how many years, my col taper is baked it was a 2002
  4. Drywall Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    looking at buying a senco ds 200 auto feed screw gun and want to know if it is a good gun to get. it goes at 3300 rpm, it that good or is there a better model??? also i am new to the auto feed guns so does any strip screws work in this or is that a problem? do they jam lots?  i just read on here...
  5. Drywall Finishing
    Had a couple of people tell me to come over here and ask this question. I don't post much here but am a DWT stalker. Anyways, I see a Columbia set with a "hot mud" pump. Columbia Set I've always wondered if some guys ran hot mud in tubes or tools in general. I don't run production, rather...
1-5 of 5 Results