Blue Line USA Twister Flat Box Handle (FHX-T) FHX-T

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Blue Line USA Twister Flat Box Handle (FHX-T) FHX-T

This is one cool tool!

Twist the angle of the Flat Box Head so that you can hit high joints without stilts, and low joints with out the stress on your body.

If you run horizontal flat joints, the Twister Handle will save you some time, energy, money and safety concerns.

  • Extendable Handle reaches 39" to 63
  • Twister Head has adjustable tension to set Flat Box at correct angle
  • Super Lightweight at just 3 lbs
  • Use as a Regular Flat Box Handle too
  • Works with all Brands of Flat Boxes

Using a typical Flat Box handle on high or low horizontal joints can be difficult and stressing on the body. You typically need to use stilts to hit the high joints and end up extending your legs out too far to apply the correct pressure to the wall. It requires to much stain on your body to box joints that are higher than your shoulders from the floor with a traditional Flat Box Handle. It's pretty much impossible. I don't care what you extension is... you just can't get the right angle to the dangle. You wonder why guys are blowing out their shoulders? Even awkwardly low joints become difficult with a typical handle.

That's where the Twister Handle fits a great niche. Twist the head to the proper angle and easily use a Flat Box in a more natural position that gives you maximum leverage without stressing your body. The Twister Handle makes the impossible, possible. Lock the head down at a specific angle, or simply tighten it enough to hold the box where you need it so that you can easily turn it around to run the other direction.

The Twister Handle is really starting to catch the attention of production oriented and safety minded drywall companies nationalwide.

Watch the video and get pricing

Specifications for Blue Line USA Twister Flat Box Handle (FHX-T) FHX-T

Manufacturer OriginU.S.A.
WarrantyLifetime Limited
Handle TypeExtendable
CompatibilityAll Flat Boxes

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Reviews (2)

Blue Line USA Twister Flat Box Handle (FHX-T) FHX-T Product Reviews
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  • Thumb_drywall-talk-beer-cap
    walltoolsFebruary 03, 20124

    Innovative and suits a niche

    This is the most innovative feature we've seen in a Flat Box Handle in a long time. It's one of those "Wow, I do know why I didn't I think of that" type of ideas. I just let one of my buddies, who is a taping forman, borrow mine for a couple days to see how he likes it. Once I get his feedback, I'll post that too.

    I'm giving this a 5 star for innovation, but a 4 star overall for two reasons. A. You must adjust your friction tension on the Twister Handle before mounting your Flat Box, which also requires removing the Flat Box to add/subtract tension, and B. The price is approximately $150 higher than a regular extendable Flat Box Handle.

    Is it worth the purchase? If you are consistently using stilts, benches or otherwise to hit joints that are just out of reach... then yes. If all you do is stand ups, then of course not. If high or low horizontal joints are you thing, I would expect this handle to really save your shoulders.

    Another drywall friend of mine told me that when he was testing a Twister Handle out, he seemed to think that if you used this handle for all of your joints (like you would with a regular FB Handle) that the Twister mechanism would wear out much faster than if you just used the handle for its designed intension - high and low joints only.

    • Pros:
    • Innovative
    • Solves a problem
    • Cons:
    • Expensive
    • Must remove FB to adjust tension
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    • Thumb_56387303
      caznaFebruary 04, 20125

      The Tapepro Twister is a great handle.

      Well i would give it 5 stars, As its the only handle like it, If you have a house with seams just above your head or below your waist it makes it much easier, If it costs $150 more than a standard handle then in one day on seams like that, its paid for itself.

      You can also get the blades for this handle and it has a screw that can lock the brake so it can be used as a wipedown knife.

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