Rebatemate RebateMate 0000

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Rebatemate RebateMate 0000

This is a great tool that want to eliminate butt joints in drywall and cement sheet. On drywall it does this by removing about 3mm of rock from just under the paper face. The paper face is folded back to alow the aplication of glue then pressed down in place.

On cement sheet the rebate is formed by grinding and removing some of the face of the sheet.

Both of these tasks are accomplished without dust thanks to a vacume attachment.

This tool fills a niech for those that do the whole drywall process from start to finish.

Specifications for Rebatemate RebateMate 0000

Mains poweredVoltage depends on region

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  • Thumb_ecd65e50
    gazmanSeptember 29, 20125

    Eleminate butt joints

    Great tool for those that do the whole process

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    • No-avatar-62
      PrecisionTapingover 7 years ago

      Looking forward to trying this tool out for myself! Should save quite a bit of work taping!

  • Thumb_56387303
    caznaSeptember 30, 20125

    Its Great.

    This is an awsome tool, Makes great rebated edges, Turns butt joins into flats seams, Allows more mud in the butts, Helps use up scrap board, Just make a rebate edge on it, I was lucky enough to use one on my own house.

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    • Thumb_small_56387303
      caznaover 7 years ago

      Just an update, I found the seams needed a few extra coats, I some seams i did had bad shrinkage.

  • Thumb_ricardo_montalban_herve_villechaize_fantasy_island_1977
    SlimPickinsOctober 01, 20125

    The Real Deal

    If you want perfectly flat butt joints, the Rebatemate is the solution.

    Not only does it turn a butt joint into a tapered edge, but this in turn gives you a much stronger joint since you now have the ability to bed it deeply in compound (which with typical butt joints amounts to giant humps in the wall).

    I love the way the joints coat out after using the Rebatemate. Seriously.

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