Prest-on Invisi-back #

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Prest-on Invisi-back #

Used for supporting the back of existing drywall joints over cavity, and strengthening support to existing cracks.

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  • Thumb_avatar191_1
    KiwimanJuly 22, 20125


    This is one of those handy things that you wish someone would invent.....and they finally have.
    First time i tried it was on a deep stone gouge in the middle of a 13mm ceiling sheet that was 600mm on centre, it had broken open because of the hanging weight of it, I could have just taped it but it needed support behind it to prevent cracking later, I cut a small slot to insert the invisi-back, put some screws in, then squeezed the handle to remove it.....Brilliant! so easy.
    There have been a lot of taping jobs in the past I could have used them on, especially on butt joins over cavities that don't sit flat.

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    • Thumb_56387303
      caznaSeptember 06, 20125


      Great little bracket, Stronger than you think, Ive use a couple to hold a board patch and they work very well.

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      • Thumb_4b49cb7e
        gotmudMarch 18, 20135

        A Must Have!

        I recently just had a chance to use this product. I had to repair several stress cracks. I was unsure that the traditional tape and float would last and prevent the crack from returning. After much thought I decided to use the free samples sent to me from drifter. I cut out the crack to 1/4" wide as per the instructions. The Invisi-Back(R) slipped right in and fastened down securely with the provided screws and tool.
        I then taped with Fibafuse (another great product in itself) and hot mud. The repair was quick and simple and there was very little clean up.
        I also want to point out this product can be used to back up larger repairs where you need to cut out pieces of drywall.
        I am completely confident that these cracks will not reappear.
        If you haven't put any of these in your tool box, I would suggest you do so and make your repairs quicker and stronger.

        • Pros:
        • Quick simple repairs
        • Low cost
        • Invented by one of our own members
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        • None
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