Tapepro Drywall Tools Corner Finisher - 75mm (3") CFP-75

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Tapepro Drywall Tools Corner Finisher - 75mm (3") CFP-75

The Tapepro CFP series corner finisher features a low friction high strength industrial plastic body. This requires fewer parts, reducing cost.

The stainless steel frames have been laser cut and machined for accuracy and feature super wear resistant cemented carbide blades and skids.

Specifications for Tapepro Drywall Tools Corner Finisher - 75mm (3") CFP-75

Weight224 g
BladesTungsten Carbide
SkidsTungsten Carbide

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Reviews (3)

Tapepro Drywall Tools Corner Finisher - 75mm (3") CFP-75 Product Reviews
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  • Thumb_avatar191_1
    KiwimanFebruary 02, 20125

    I like it

    I got to try one and I like the lighter weight design when used with an anglebox, it does exactly the same as full metal body ones and would not hesitate recommending it to anyone.
    for more detail and pictures .... https://www.drywalltalk.com/f9/tapepro-3-anglehead-trial-2912/

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    • Thumb_small_fa812309
      Bazooka-Joeover 8 years ago

      thanks Kiwi nice to know it is lightweight also

  • Thumb_ecd65e50
    gazmanApril 05, 20125

    Is cheaper always nasty? No.

    I had the opportunity to use the angle head that tapepro has in circulation. I used it on my mudruner to run the corners on my current job. I would say that it is a nice head not a great head. I ran half the house with it then swapped over to my northstar. The finish was the same but the northstar just felt nicer to use. But when you consider the cost of the tool it gets a big thumbs up. Like I said the northstar feels nicer but the end results are the same. Thankyou Tom and Tape Pro for making it available.

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    • Thumb_small_family%20012
      OliverKBellabout 8 years ago

      The north star must be broke-in really nice?

    • Thumb_small_fa812309
      Bazooka-Joealmost 8 years ago

      I have N-star and yes it runs better broke in

  • Thumb_56387303
    caznaSeptember 28, 20125

    Top Anglehead.

    I tryed this anglehead on a mudrunner, Its very good, Left a nice tight and smooth coat, Its plastic body makes it feel very light compared to standard metal bodied angleheads, I like it, Its well worth considering, I have Goldbatt, Tapeworm and Drywallmaster angleheads and this one is right up there with the best of them.

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    • Thumb_small_winter_1650
      Newagestuccoover 7 years ago


      how due you like the mudrunner
      is it easy to use it looks way better then a tube

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