Slatton Makeover

July 17, 2014
Albuquerque, NM
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We had a presentation for the owners of Twilight Homes and Magnum Builders.  We never know who will see the value in what we're doing.  Jerett Slatton, the owner of Magnum Builders, liked it right away and scheduled us to do every wall in his house.  All these walls and ceilings were finished in Fresco Harmony.  All these walls had texture and paint.  This project took
80 boxes of all purpose joint compound 
Persian Berry x 2 color packs: kitchen hood.  Gold swirl  
Merryman Beige x 33 all dominant walls.
Parson Khaki x 12.  Entry, and arch ways, and barrel ceilings.  We used gold swirl on these areas too.
Maryanne Mocha x 4. Fire place, nichos, and accent walls in master bedroom.  We used Statuary bronze metallic swirl on that finish.
Spalding Espresso x 12 Wreck room/tv room walls only.
Klimaj Cotton x 17 all ceilings not finished in Parson Khaki or Maryanne Mocha. 

Video walk through on YouTube: 


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