January 31, 2012
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This project submitted by:
  • Richard Moore
  • 867 5309 just ask for Jenny

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  • Thumb_12adc7bd
    chrisover 8 years ago

    Lookin good. Big entry's are always fun

  • Thumb_609bc6c7
    bocoover 8 years ago

    Ya looks nice. I am waitng to do a box so I can try the chamfer bead.

    Posted by: chris

    Lookin good. Big entry's are always fun

  • Thumb_56387303
    caznaover 8 years ago

    Nice Moore, Real nice work.

  • Thumb_ecd65e50
    gazmanover 8 years ago

    You do top work Moore.


  • Thumb_img_009412
    Drywall_Kingover 8 years ago

    I like it moore im a drywall conasure... when coating a Angle do you coat one side, let dry then coat the other side? kind regards dan

  • Thumb_4b49cb7e
    gotmudover 8 years ago

    Nice as usual Moore

  • Thumb_avatar2010_1
    cdwoodcoxover 8 years ago

    Looks good Moore.
    Since you've posted pics since the change. When posting pics do we still have to resize them?

  • Thumb_35f3fb46Author
    mooreover 8 years ago

    Thanks guys for the kind words..Sounds like some have just givin up on me. lol!! Yes drywall king staggered angles.
    cd...I tried to post these pics a few days ago [new camera] but they would'nt load,,but last night on this new thingy problem. ..I'm guessin theres no need to resize ??? not sure.Maybe I got my mps @ pixels right,,Doubt that thou..

Displaying 1–8 of 8
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