Tips for Moving House With Ease

April 29, 2019
by silb
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When it comes to home improvements and adding value to a property, many of us are thinking long-term about resale values and what that might mean for our living situation in the future. The idea of home flipping isn’t new, but more of us are getting to grips with the specifics of house renovation and what needs to be done to turn a profit on a property. This can often mean moving from house to house as you work through your portfolio. Having the knowledge to take the stress out of this process is vital.

Organisation From The Start

It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving out of your family home, or if you have experienced a house move several times in your life, some rules can take a lot of the stress out of the whole process. One of these relates to your overall organisation. Buying a new home is not a straightforward process. A lot of elements are at play, and getting the whole deal over the line can take several weeks.

This waiting time can be used to help you get a jump on the physical moving itself. Packing up room by room is a good start, and you should prioritise the least important things first. This ensures that the things you need as part of your day to day life won’t be shut away and difficult to find if the mortgage process becomes increasingly drawn out.

Start by carefully packing decorative items, and box them up according to what room they will be living in. This won’t only make life easier for you, but it will be a useful steer to the friends and family or professional movers who will likely be transporting your belongings when the big day finally comes. Labelling items as fragile is also a must as well, as you’d expect.

Being Prepared For Moving Day

On the day itself, you should have preparations in place to ensure the full move runs as smoothly as possible. Have a timetable in place and be sure to take advantage of some of the online guides that will give you details on what documentation you’ll need when entering the new property for this first time. It can be a busy day, so something as simple as having the details of a local takeaway will make all the difference when it comes to dinner time.

The initial overnight bag is also a must as well. Earlier we mentioned that arts and decorations should be the first things you pack, but a change of clothes, toiletries, your phone charger, and other essentials should be the last thing to get packed. You should store these in a separate overnight bag that you keep to hand throughout the day, as you’ll need certain things as short notice throughout the moving day.

The process of taking on a new home as a project, and moving from house to house can be exhausting. Even the mortgage process alone is complex. Ensuring you are prepared on other fronts will take the stress out of an important day.

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