Life as a Tradesman: Looking After Your Health

May 24, 2019
by silb
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Life as a tradesman can get pretty hectic: quickly moving from one job to another, trying to fix botched jobs by tradesmen who have gone before you and, of course, that last minute scramble to complete your tax self-assessment. It can be easy to let stress go unnoticed at first before it eventually builds to a level where it starts to affect your physical and mental health, with one study showing 48% of tradesmen lose sleep due to stress. Here we will look at a few ways you can look after your health both on and off the job.

Fixing Botched Jobs

Every tradesman knows this one all too well. You get a call to go out to a job that sounds fairly straight forward – until you get there. You arrive at the job and the work that’s been carried out before you is a mess and unlike anything you’ve witnessed before. Tackling these jobs can not only be stressful but also dangerous – depending on the hazardous conditions previous tradesmen have left. It’s important in these situations that you reassess the job, manage the client’s expectations and ensure you follow every protocol possible to make sure you don’t put yourself in harm’s way.

Physically Demanding

Work as a tradesman involves a lot of hours of hard physical graft and little downtime. Although it can be great to be busy and active, being on the move all day every day can really take its toll. The intensity of a very physically demanding job can affect the body in many different ways, putting excess strain on joints and leading to chronic back pain. It’s for these reasons it’s important to give yourself appropriate breaks and holidays as well as follow health and safety regulations when possible to avoid injury.

Working Outdoors

Many tradespeople will often find themselves working outside, exposed to the elements. Depending on the climate you work in, this can either lead to exposure to extreme cold and damp or hot burning sun. Dressing appropriately is crucial to comfortably working outside for long periods, ensuring you wear windproof and waterproof clothing and effective sunblock during warm sunny spells.

Eating Well and Staying Hydrated

When you work for yourself it can be easy to let your work overtake your day, meaning you don’t set aside enough time to eat and stay hydrated. If you have the time, try to remember to make up a healthy packed lunch the night before work to make sure you have a balanced lunch. Tradesmen are also well-known for their love of tea and coffee, but caffeine can leave you dehydrated and stressed. Remember to carry a bottle of water with you throughout the day to make staying hydrated much easier.

The Importance of Healthcare

Many of us, men in particular, are guilty of ignoring health issues until it’s too late and we have no choice but to go to the doctor. It’s important to go for regular check-ups with your local health professional and to visit your GP as soon as you notice a health issue. It can also be a good idea to invest in an online plan that covers private health insurance if possible; doing so will mean you will have prompt treatment as soon as you need it as well as expedite the diagnosis process.

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