How to save money on your home renovation

March 18, 2020
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Does having a floor of your dreams have to cost you a fortune? Of course not. Floorworld offers a wide range of beautiful, classic, elegant, modern and stylish parquet flooring options without breaking your bank or budget. Flooring is a big investment and an important one when it comes to the beauty and value of your home. Identifying and getting the perfect home floor covering for your needs within your budget is a process and it may take time to find the best match for the right price range. Due to our wide range of options, you are free to consider each of the options available without feeling pressured into making a decision to buy. At Floorworld, each flooring option covers a huge price range, from the affordable to the luxury, but some flooring materials are generally more affordable than others.

At Floorworld we offer a wide range of laminate flooring, engineered wood flooring, parquet flooring and vinyl flooring with beautiful finishes such as oak, walnut, maple, mahogany just to mention a few. Our wide range of products come from the two largest and most respected manufacturers in Europe and the world at large, Quickstep from Belgium and Gerbur From Germany. Our laminate flooring range which many people often confuse with parquet flooring has over 50 colors and styles to choose from. Our prices for laminate flooring range from 40 AED to 70 AED per square meter, with a minimum of 15 years residential warranty. We have a team of highly trained and skilled installers ready to install your floor and our installation comes with a one-year guarantee for all the different flooring options we have on offer. 

We also have engineered wood flooring and again the range is huge equipping us with the capability to cater for your needs. Our engineered wood floors are from Swiss Hardwoods which is another top European manufacturer. Our range includes Elegance, Decorum, Majestic, Pinnacle and Herringbone. We have over 50 different colors and styles of parquet flooring options to choose from. Our prices for engineered wood flooring range from 165 AED to 295AED per square meter. Another category of flooring options we have is the vinyl collection which is composed of Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) and vinyl flooring. We have over 20 types, multiple colors and finishes that match with the different tastes of every customer. Our prices range from as low as 50 AED to 130 AED per square meter with a minimum of 20 years residential warranty. In LVT we have the glue down system and the clicking system, zero joint and beveled edge. Customers can select their own design pattern and that is what they will get for their floor.

There is a lot to consider when buying a new parquet floor and these considerations may include buying the extras that come with the parquet floor. These extras include underlay, skirting, beading, profiling or any number of accessories to go with it. The best way around this is to try to get as much as possible from one place. Having a single delivery cost makes the project generally much cheaper and it also makes it much easier to ensure that all your accessories match up and that is important if you want your parquet floor to look it’s best. That's why we at Floorworld are so pleased that we are able to be a one-stop shop for all your flooring needs. At Floorworld, we also offer installing the floor for our customers at a certain cost, hence the one-stop shop for all your needs notion.

Floorworld takes pride in serving the community while saving customers a lot of money on their parquet flooring projects. We provide quotations before receiving payment and customers can order a free parquet floor sample of their desired floor on our website free of charge. The quotations afford the customer the opportunity to compare what we are offering with what is being offered in the market place. We stand by our bold declaration that we offer the lowest parquet flooring price and we give you a guarantee for that. The free sample order allows the customer to make an informed decision and spend time with the parquet floor option of their choice. The customer envisions how the floor will look like once the parquet floor sample they have has been installed on their floor.   

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