Ensuring You Are Protected as a Contractor

May 29, 2018
by silb
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Working as a contractor in the trades industry has its benefits. Self-employment gives you a great degree in terms of working on your own terms and being your own boss. The ability to pick and choose jobs that are within your skill-set is a valuable thing. As everyone in the same job knows, however, there are also downsides and challenges.

Working as a freelancer, there will be times when work isn’t coming in quite as steadily as you might like it to. You’re also likely to be in the position where you’re the only person who is generating your income; many freelance contractors work as a one-person business. This means that if you’re out of action, then your whole business is going to suffer as a result.

Common Problems

As mentioned above, any accidents that you have at work can be detrimental to your flow of income, especially if you have badly injured yourself. For any kind of work that involves general property improvement, there is a great range of risks that you expose yourself to. Working with heavy equipment and the like come with all sorts of risks, so it’s important that you have the right training on anything you’re using.

There’s all manner of safety certifications that are useful for tradesmen to have, not just for their own safety, but for site safety in general. These can sometimes seem like a bit of an arbitrary thing to take on, but it’s worth taking that extra time to expand your understanding of how to ensure a work site is safe.

Work Protection

One of the places that you don’t want to get caught out when it comes to problems that could face your business, is by any mistakes you make in your job. A good professional indemnity policy will help to ensure that you won’t be stung if a careless mistake befalls you or your business.

While a professional indemnity insurance policy is not a legal requirement for trades businesses, it’s important to remember that mistakes can take all different shapes and sizes. We’ve all seen the worst contractor error compilations online, and while some happen through pure stupidity, others can occur through poor measurements, counting errors, or anything else. Don’t underestimate your ability to make a mistake with your work.

Taking Care

Site safety is one of those things that should be seen as a fact of life when it comes to running a contractor business. Avoiding those most basic of responsibilities only puts you and others at risk, and it doesn’t even take a huge amount of effort to ensure that any work you are doing makes the appropriate level of safety. If you find yourself in court for any mistakes that happen on a job, being able to refer to the level of safety you take is only going to work in your favour.

While many of us enjoy the freedom that comes with contract work, it does come with its own unique set of risks. Identifying these and managing them is key to your own sustained success. 

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