Cool Uses For Spare Rooms

March 11, 2019
by silb
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I want to start this article with a disclaimer: most people won’t have the luxury of debating what to do with any spare space in their house due to a number of factors (kids, relatives, lack of space etc.) However, if you are blessed with an extra bit of space in your home, then these are some pretty nifty and inexpensive ways of transforming your living space into something truly special!

Walk-in wardrobe

The curse of most modern new-build houses is the sheer lack of wardrobe space. Ok, so you’ve moved into a nice new four-bedroom house, but unless you opt for built-in wardrobes off the expensive extras list, then you may find yourself living out of those big blue Ikea bags when you first move in.

One way around this is converting your spare room into a walk-in wardrobe. Speaking of Ikea, their reasonably priced PAX Wardrobe range offers near-infinite possibilities and solutions for all room sizes. This offers a much more cost-effective solution to having custom-made wardrobes installed.

Movie room

One for the big kids out there. Transform your spare bedroom into your own private cinema with just a few simple tweaks. A great space-saving solution is to put in a day bed. This means you can lounge around on it as a sofa during the day, and then pull out the bed to get that full-on VIP cinema effect. Amazon has lots of projector options for all budgets to suit your multimedia needs. Simple home improvement solutions like this can really help transform your home and maximise the space you have. Now all you need to do is grab the popcorn!

Craft room

An excellent use for your spare room is somewhere to work on your hobby. It could be to house all your craft stuff, or whatever your hobby is. Different from a home office insomuch as it’s fun to hang out there, a craft room can be the ideal space to cook up new ideas and work on new projects. Check out local charity shops and second-hand markets for quirky furniture and decorative inspiration. Make the space personal to you and let your imagination run wild!

Home gym

Probably one of the costlier options on this list, but an effective use of space nonetheless, a home gym can transform a spare room as well as your own personal fitness routine. It is important to emphasise practicality here. Don’t go hanging a heavy bag in the middle of a room without knowing if your ceiling can bear the load. Same goes for any heavy weightlifting equipment.

The good news is there are literally hundreds of how-to guides out there, as well as a plethora of Youtube videos to help guide you. As with all the suggestions above on this list, you will also find that sites such as Pinterest will be your best friend for a source of inspiration for all your spare room transformation needs.

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