Budgeting for Home Improvements

December 18, 2018
by silb
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As we move into 2019, many of us will be looking around our homes and thinking about what changes we can make to our homes. There are small projects like freshening up tired sofas, painting window frames, or changing curtains with the seasons. Beyond this, you might have more medium sized ideas in mind like painting a living room or putting in a new floor.

Then there are those big changes that we can only try once every five to ten years. These are the home remodels like putting in a new bathroom or replacing your kitchen suite. Whatever the ambitions are for the home, we all need to be able to budget for these appropriately. Here are some tips to help you raise the money and manage these improvements.

Why not DIY?

There is no sense of achievement like that which comes with completing a project with your own two hands. While this option might not suit every type of home improvement, there are a great deal of handy guides that can give you an idea of what is and what is not within your skill set. DIY will often be much cheaper that paying a professional and can allow you to use your money for better quality materials and other ideas you have in mind.

Agreeing Costs with a Contractor

While there are some home improvements that fall into the DIY category, many others are best left in the hands of a trained professional. Contractors often get painted with an unfair reputation of being out to rip people off with inflated cost and labour rates. While this is a very small minority spoiling it for the rest, it’s still useful to be able to agree on costs and timescales before any work begins in your home.

Save for Tomorrow

We all know too well that home improvement work is a costly exercise. Having a bit of money set to one side is useful in the event that a job becomes bigger or more extensive than for what you originally budgeted. Using a money management app will give you a level of visibility of your finances that will help you to see where savings can be made in your day to day spending. By cutting regular costs, you can develop your own little fund to grow for your own ideas.

Take Inspiration from Everywhere

While you might have your own thoughts on how you want to implement changes to your home, it is always worthwhile to take some inspiration from the many online style and interior design blogs that are only a click away. In doing your research into styles and design, you’ll find a colour pallet or design cue that is totally unique to your home. By having a clear idea of how you want your project to look from the outset, you will be able to drive down overall costs as you won’t be caught out by having to buy things short term because you haven’t planned ahead.

We all have an internal list of the things we want to change in our homes. With the right combination between planning, budgeting, and style, you can implement home improvements that suit you without falling into debt.

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