Anti-theft tips for Vans

April 25, 2019
by silb
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When running your own business, it goes with saying that you need to protect your company with insurance and appropriate security measures. If you are like the majority of tradesmen, and use a van for your business, then you will need to safeguard against theft. With van break-ins on the rise, this isn’t something you can turn a blind eye on. Here are some suggested ways that you can protect your van against theft for added peace of mind.

For starters, you need to know how criminals break into vans.  It’s surprisingly easy for thieves to gain access to vans by damaging the locked exterior, exposing the internal mechanism allowing for a quick grab and dash.  There’s also a bizarre trend where thieves ‘peel’ back the van door for access. It’s hard for police to track as there are no tools and is also a very quick technique.

Get around these issues by adding deadlocks and be mindful of where you leave your van overnight. Try and park next to walls or next to other vehicles to reduce the chance of break-ins. Most importantly, avoid leaving tools in your van overnight, as these are what the thieves are often looking for.

You’d be amazed at how often people overlook basic security measures when it comes to keeping their van protected. For your benefit, here’s a quick recap: always lock your van and if possible never leave it unattended. Fairly obvious but we’ve all done it at some point when we’ve jumped into the shops on the way home from work. The same goes for checking that all your windows are closed – again it’s an easy oversight.

Reduce the likelihood of theft by covering up your windows either with steel cover-ups or window grills.  It’s also best to practise to mark all your tools with a UV pen and keep a record of what you store in the van so that in the event they’re stolen, they can easily be traced back to you.

In addition to securing the inside of your van, remember to also protect external parts of your van such as your catalytic converter. Catalytic convertors are often stolen for the metals they are made of and thieves can turn them over for a profit. Vans are prime targets due to them being higher off the ground allowing for easy access. Fortunately, many companies specialise in anti-theft devices for this equipment so make sure to get one installed.

Lastly, if you are a fleet manager,  or are in charge of a number of vehicles, then make sure that all your employees are up to date with your security routine and make sure that they all stick to the agreed procedure.  Have a checklist in place that everyone fills out regularly to ensure there are no oversights or mistakes that can easily be avoided. It would be a shame to get all the latest anti-theft devices installed for it to be for nothing because of someone not checking something simple like the doors are properly locked.

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