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    How To Soundproof a Room,Basement,Ceiling or Wall.

    https://www.mur-wall.com/post/how-to-soundproof-a-room-basement-ceiling-or-a-wall Read More

    by Mur-Wall on July 25, 2020Comments (0)
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    How to save money on your home renovation

    Does having a floor of your dreams have to cost you a fortune? Of course not. Floorworld offers a wide range of beautiful, classic, elegant, modern and stylish parquet flooring options without breaking your bank or budget. Flooring is a big investment and an important one when it comes to the beauty and value of your home. Identifying and gettin... Read More

    by flooringguy on March 18, 2020Comments (0)
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    Ensuring you can Weather any Storm as a Contractor

    The arrival of Storm Ciara and the terrible weather it brought to the UK should serve as a reminder that we are more likely to see extreme weather conditions in the future. For several years, we have been warned that changes to the climate will see an increase in the number of storms we experience here in the UK, so we must take precautions now ... Read More

    by silb on March 05, 2020Comments (0)
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    Trade Work: Keeping Yourself Covered

    There’s a lot to consider when working as a contractor – so much so that it’s easy to forget that you need to put in place the adequate protections should something go wrong. Here we look at the factors that will impact the kind of protection you will need and the cover you should go for:  Why Do I Need Cover? Although w... Read More

    by silb on February 25, 2020Comments (0)
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    Renovations: Adding Value to Your Home

    Renovating your home is not only a great way to spruce things up, but also to add significant value to the final sale price. There are few ways you can renovate your home, with certain areas worth focusing on more if your aim is to add value; the bathroom and the kitchen are a particular focus for buyers, with these rooms often being a significa... Read More

    by silb on December 06, 2019Comments (0)
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    A Guide to Starting Your Own Trade Business

    For a lot of tradesmen, their end goal is to set up their own business within that trade. However, while you may be fantastic at your chosen trade, you may find yourself needing a little helping hand when it comes to the business side of things. So, here is our guide to creating your own trade business.   Build Up A Good Reputation One ... Read More

    by silb on September 19, 2019Comments (0)
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    How Well Protected Is Your Business?

    As an independent tradesman, your business is your financial stability, which means if something happens to any part of your business, you put your livelihood on the line. When it comes to securing your business, you should be prepared for every eventuality from accidents to crime. Protecting Yourself Firstly you must keep your health in good ... Read More

    by silb on July 22, 2019Comments (0)
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    Designing Kitchens: Bringing the Outside Inside

    One of the latest design trends to take off is bringing the outside in, especially when it comes to the kitchen. This trend, however, can be particularly difficult to pull off and make work whilst being practical and stylish. Here we will look at some of the best ways to implement the outside inside style whether you are carrying out a whole kit... Read More

    by silb on July 16, 2019Comments (0)
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    Tradesman Opportunities in Lancashire

    A lot of regeneration and investment has gone into the North of England in recent years. After plentiful research and reports into the supposed disparity in wealth opportunities between the North and South of England, a number of initiatives have been implemented by the government to address this balance. Infrastructure projects such as the cons... Read More

    by silb on July 15, 2019Comments (0)
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    Top Marketing Tips for Tradesmen

    The days of relying on the Yellow Pages and word of mouth are long gone. Today tradesmen need to be skilled marketers to get ahead and beat the competition. Whether it’s building a website or creating a logo, there a few relatively easy ways to build a brand and a reputation as a skilled tradesman. Create Your Own Website Today instead o... Read More

    by silb on July 10, 2019Comments (0)
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