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allwall cant get my pole sander to me . **** show!

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Re: Allwall


Your order was shipped on 6/19 using the Canada Post consolidated shipping method that you chose. As indicated at the time that you placed the order - Canada Post is a 14-21 business day time frame. This method is our most cost effective because we consolidate your package with other packages going to Canada. The downside is that it does take much longer than our FedEx options.

We will update this case with the individual tracking number for your order as soon as we get word back from the consolidator. The shipment is still within the timeframe that we state for Canada Post orders, and you should expect delivery soon.

Again, we will update you with a tracking number from Canada Post as soon as we receive it from our consolidator, and that should give a general delivery expected date.

In the future we would request that you give us an opportunity to solve your issue before you make derogatory comments.
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Re: Allwall

Your shipment is scheduled for delivery today, well within the original shipping expectation of 14-21 business days.
For future reference, business days do not include weekends or holidays.
In the event a shipment is required more quickly, we recommend choosing one of the quicker delivery service levels.
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Re: Allwall

Originally Posted by eazyrizla View Post
allwall cant get my pole sander to me . **** show!
They always had my stuff to me in 3-4 days.

Whatcha need a groove stick for anyway?
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Re: Allwall

Originally Posted by eazyrizla View Post
allwall cant get my pole sander to me . **** show!
What happened - Canada run out of pole sanders?
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Re: Allwall

They get my stuff across the ocean, and to denmark in no time 5/5 rate from me... no problems, great service allways!
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Re: Allwall

Had many orders through All-Wall over the years and I must say they have a 100% faultless track record so far
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Re: Allwall

Another very happy customer here as well. I have placed many orders and they are #1 in my book. I remember when I got my mudrunner, the order was placed Monday our time and it arrived on Thursday of the same week. And I am not just around the corner.
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Re: Allwall

Same here, All walls great, Don't sell some things though, 3 point creasers, advance knifes, Or blueline,tapepro tools.
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Re: Allwall

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