Scotian, pretty new to taping

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Scotian, pretty new to taping

Hey guys/gals, I'm pretty new to this taping game, but am catching on very quickly. I learn fast and am very eager to learn to make some decent cash. I'm already making more money then I ever have and I've only been at it for 6 months.

I was an Iron Worker for 15 years and the work dried up and I fell on some pretty hard times so a buddy of mine was a taper and he was looking for a helper so I worked with him for about a month or so. He showed me how to fiber tape, fill screws, mix mud and wash buckets then he moved away....... so I started watching all kinds of youtube vids on how to do it and I went and got a business # and workers comp and decided to give it a try on my own. it took me over 2 weeks of 14-16 hour days to do 2 little 3500 sq' units lol.
There was ALOT of trial and error but they ended up passing, besides having to touch up EVERY 3way lol. All I had at the time was a drill, 4", 6" and some small ****ty trowel .

I've come a LONG ways from that, every unit, hallway & stairwell I've done got easier and faster since then, with less and less touch ups.

I can now finnish 4500 - 5000 sq' in 6 days and now have and use EZ Stride stilts, a pump, roller and flusher from Columbia. I am now looking to step my game up further by getting Columbia's Tall Boy pump, Hydra Reach handle, 10" fat boy and a 14" finish box. Anyone use or have any pro's or con's to let me know of on this box line up? Would love to hear them.

I am open to any suggestions, helpful tips, as I am willing to learn and start making some serious cash.

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Re: Scotian, pretty new to taping

Welcome to the board. I grew up using Ames rentals and later owned American made Tape Tech which is now Chinese. If I had to buy tools today I'd go with Blue Line.
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