Style Tips For Your Rental Property

December 16, 2017
by silb
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If you are like one of the many people who have decided to reinvest their savings from the bank account into property, you might be new to the world of working as a landlord. A look at the market places reveals why so many have opted for this change. The supply of housing in the UK is so low, and loads of people are looking to find somewhere to live.

As property prices continue to rise, many are opting to stay renting, and increase the amount of capital they can spend on a mortgage. This is the perfect time to be in ownership of a rental property, as young professionals make for good tenants. You might have studied all the landlord guides, but getting the flair of your rental property right can help you cater to this market.


No one wants to cook in a dirty, sad looking kitchen from the eighties. This is one of the main selling points of any home, so getting right is crucial. If space is limited see what you can do with light to try and make a room appear bigger. Investing in good quality white goods and a decent oven will justify a higher rate of rent. Neutral colours and tones can the space look more appealing


A chrome shower and free standing bath might be a bridge too far for a lot of properties, but there’s still plenty you can do to smarten up a bathroom. Tired, old avocado bathroom suites are an absolute no go. Like the kitchen, light is what you want to maximise on in these rooms. White sinks and toilets are the way to go, with spotlights to draw attention to the right places. Nautical themes are also popular in bathrooms, so be sure to take inspiration from online.

Living Room

Where you can really sell style is in the living room of a property. This is a room that will host a number of functions. Hosting, relaxing, and will have room to allow you to be creative. A good suite or sofa will generally be the focal point of this room. You can offset styles by introducing bespoke armchairs in a different style that compliments the sofa. Many older properties have a fireplace in this room, but few are still functional, or have been filled in. Have a look at style ideas to see how you can use this feature creatively.


Another important thing to get right is the bedroom. This is mainly because it’s the room where your tenants will be spending the most time, so it needs to be comfortable. Using pastel colours, that don’t stand out to obviously will allow your potential tenants to imagine it as their own room by creating a calming atmosphere. The thing to splash out on in this room is the bed. A good double bed goes a long way, and can be complimented with extra cushions and a throw.

All these steps will contribute to helping your rental property stand out from the crowd, and with any luck, you’ll get a good tenant in your property. 

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