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    Top Tips for Preparing Your Home for Moving Day

    Hoping to sell your home soon? Selling your home isn’t always easy, but there are lots of little things you can do to make it more appealing to potential buyers. Whether it’s simply fixing a broken light or repainting the entryway, small fixes can add a lot of value to your property. Depersonalise Although you might love all the pe... Read More

    by silb on May 22, 2019Comments (0)
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    Tips for Moving House With Ease

    When it comes to home improvements and adding value to a property, many of us are thinking long-term about resale values and what that might mean for our living situation in the future. The idea of home flipping isn’t new, but more of us are getting to grips with the specifics of house renovation and what needs to be done to turn a profit ... Read More

    by silb on April 29, 2019Comments (0)
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    Anti-theft tips for Vans

    When running your own business, it goes with saying that you need to protect your company with insurance and appropriate security measures. If you are like the majority of tradesmen, and use a van for your business, then you will need to safeguard against theft. With van break-ins on the rise, this isn’t something you can turn a blind eye ... Read More

    by silb on April 25, 2019Comments (0)
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    Adding Value to Your Home with Tech

    In the last ten to fifteen years technology has evolved rapidly where it is now a large part of our homes. Today it seems like almost everything in the home has had a technological makeover, from smart fridges to voice control televisions. Incorporating tech into your home can be a great way to add value, whether it’s to potential renters ... Read More

    by silb on April 24, 2019Comments (0)
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    Creating Investment in the Property Industry

    All across the UK, property developments are springing up in both urban and greenbelt areas. The housing shortage that has been seen over the last decade has forced the government to take action that will increase the supply of affordable housing for young people in particular. The strategy has been twofold; regenerate urban areas, and create ne... Read More

    by silb on March 14, 2019Comments (0)
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    Cool Uses For Spare Rooms

    I want to start this article with a disclaimer: most people won’t have the luxury of debating what to do with any spare space in their house due to a number of factors (kids, relatives, lack of space etc.) However, if you are blessed with an extra bit of space in your home, then these are some pretty nifty and inexpensive ways of transform... Read More

    by silb on March 11, 2019Comments (0)
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    Adding Value to Your Home

    Now that we are out of the January slump and your bank balance is looking healthier you can start to make good on your New Year’s resolutions. For many, this means a new home and a change of scenery. But with house prices constantly on the rise, it’s not a decision to take lightly. Instead, have you thought about renovating your curr... Read More

    by silb on February 13, 2019Comments (0)
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    Projects That Require Most Expertise

    Working as a contractor comes with its own unique set of challenges and requirements. To be successful as a plumber, electrician, or joiner, you need to be able to have the skills to take on any project that comes across your desk. As technology moves forward, so do the ambitions of homeowners, and you need to be able to complete the work that i... Read More

    by silb on December 19, 2018Comments (0)
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    Budgeting for Home Improvements

    As we move into 2019, many of us will be looking around our homes and thinking about what changes we can make to our homes. There are small projects like freshening up tired sofas, painting window frames, or changing curtains with the seasons. Beyond this, you might have more medium sized ideas in mind like painting a living room or putting in a... Read More

    by silb on December 18, 2018Comments (0)
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    Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

    As the year is winding to a close, and we are seeing Christmas decorations slowly creeping their way into shops on the high street, now is a good time to consider what the year ahead holds in terms of DIY and home improvement projects. After the festive period, you tend to see a spike in the number of people who undertake changes to their homes ... Read More

    by silb on November 20, 2018Comments (0)
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