Funding Home Improvement Projects

March 21, 2017
by silb
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Scraping the money together to undertake home improvement projects can be a tricky exercise. And there’s nothing worse than looking around your home, seeing something that you want to change and knowing that you don’t have the money to properly make that change. Here a number of different options that you could look at when you’re trying to get money together to change your home for the better.

Use Your Assets

It might be worth looking around your home and taking stock of the possessions that you own. If you’re looking to improve your home for the better, why not see what clutter you can convert into capital to fund the work? There are some great lists online of the kind of stuff that fetches good amounts of money. Have a look around the stuff you own and think if you really need it.

Try It on Credit

This strategy is best suited for those who have a regular and reliable source of income. You could try getting the work paid for on one of the many available credit cards on the market and add the expense of paying it off into your monthly budget. If there is any chance that you wouldn’t be able to make repayments, then this option is not for you. You could find yourself in debt and carrying a poor credit rating for years if you fail to make repayments.

Set contractors against each other

This strategy requires a bit of confidence as well as knowledge that your contractors are reliable. Try getting quotes from a number of different people and seeing if you can lower the price they’re offering by pitching them against each other. You might find that you’re in a position to get them to drive quotes down, based on how much work is going around at that time.

Try your bank

Many of the banks are more than willing to finance home improvement projects, so long as you’re in a good enough position to make payments on time. Similar to the aforementioned point about using a credit card, this one is definitely for those who have a steady job with a guaranteed wage coming in. Don’t commit to loans you can’t afford, and if you even want to remortgage the house to do bigger jobs, try using an online mortgage calculator to determine a budget.

The concept of a dream home is called that as it is not an easy thing to achieve. If you want to put the time in to make adjustments to your existing home you need to do it properly, and the advice mentioned above will help you to achieve your goal. 

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