Eco-Friendly Home Improvements

February 15, 2018
by silb
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More and more of us are becoming conscious of the impact our lifestyles have on the planet. Thanks to major documentaries like Blue Planet on the BBC, we are being educated about the dangers of not being mindful about the consequences of our decisions. More of us are taking steps to make sure our homes have a small environmental impact. If you’re wanting to help in the fight against climate change, here’s a few improvements that you might want to consider making to your home.

Double Glazing

Throughout the 80’s and 90’s, double glazing salesmen were seen as the scourge of suburban life. Smiling men in suits would often appear at your door uninvited, trying to see you savings in the form of sealed windows. Thankfully, this aggressive sales tactic isn’t nearly as popular as it once was, but double glazing remains a sound investment.

Our homes easily lose heat energy through their windows, so doing what we can to prevent this unnecessary expense is vital. The gap of air that is formed between two sheets of glass on a double glazed window makes all the difference when it comes to insulation, and triple glazing options are now available for those who live in particularly cold environments.

Wall Insulation

Similarly to windows, the cavity between internal and external walls is a major problem when it comes to retaining heat within a house. There have been a number of schemes to help deal with this, as the government recently launched an initiative to offer cavity wall insulation for free to homes that are eligible.

This is a no-brainer for those wanting to cut down on heating bills and ultimately minimising the environmental impact of their home. If you’re not able to get the insulation through the government, even paying is worth it in the long term, as the stats show that you can save £250 a year on heating once it’s been fitted.

Green Plumbing

There are all manner of things you can do to your plumbing to improve water efficiency. This is vitally important now as water shortages and droughts are becoming ever more common. If you’re wanting to make a concerted effort to try and reduce the amount of water that is being used in your house in a day to day basis, there several approaches you can take.

Water conservation can be used through your toilet. Opting for a plumbing system that minimises the amount that is required to flush it and uses a low flow mechanism. Looking at heating, there are now more energy efficient boilers on the market than ever before, so be sure to take advantage of the online guides to help you find a system that meets your needs. A good understanding of the EPC is certainly a good place to start.

We no longer have the luxury of ignorance of climate change, and everyone has to do their bit to ensure our planet cannot be damaged beyond repair by manmade means. The best place to start is from home.

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